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Premier Sports Betting is a popular destination to find sports betting information on the Internet. We’re committed to helping you take your online sports betting to the next level. Betting sports at an RDG Corp. site is easy and clients receive their winnings quickly. Our online sports betting sites, servicing players from the US and Canada, offer a variety of ways to bet on the results of sporting events over the Internet.

  • Turnkey Label Solutions Racebook

    Overview Horse racing fans once had to visit a local bookie to place bets on their favorite horses. Today, online racebooks are popular options for horse racing fans and the online horse race betting industry has boomed. As an Internet entrepreneur, it is now simpler than ever to launch your own customized online racebook. The […]

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  • Turnkey Label Solutions Casino

    What is a Turnkey Label Solution? A turnkey label solution is also known as white label solution. In the case of a casino, this would be known as a white label casino. These are the perfect solution for anyone wanting to launch an online casino in a market that is full of new online casinos […]

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Founded in 1996, RDG Corp. has become the Leading Provider of all the quality sports betting services that you need to successfully operate your gambling website and to ensure that your business and profits grow.

  • Bet33


    Bet Sports online - Place bets on all major sporting events with the fastest growing and trusted sports betting sites online. Enjoy the thrill of betting sports online, or by phone with Bet33, a company that prides itself on offering great bonuses, fast payouts and the best customer service in the industry.


    Real Bookie has emerged as the dominant player in providing internet casino, Sports and racebook (no and here) bookmaker solutions. Enjoy less legal exposure and more free time, PLUS you can finally compete with the offerings of other internet bookies.
  • TotalBets


    Total Bets Sports book and casino offers a wide range of betting and wagering options on sports and other events around the clock! Enjoy the thrill of Vegas with our fantastic online casino.
  • Avoid Jazz SportsBook

    We have been receiving several reports from players, affiliates and ex-employees of Jazz Sportsbooks that they are owed thousands of dollars and are not successful in getting paid

  • Oddsmaker Scam Book

    Updated Sportsbook Scam - Several player over the last few weeks have contacted us about Oddsmaker sportsbook.

  • Is Online Gambling Legal?

    We get this question a lot here at Players who or want to bet online would like to know if it's legal or illegal to gamble on the internet. The short answer is NO, it's not illegal to gamble online as a player.

  • Beware of

    This book has been slow paying and out right stiffing players for years. However, they have gone to a new low, offering bettors huge bonuses in exchange for them